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Payroll system software. If only it were designed by payroll experts so that it was easy to use, didn't rely on cumbersome IT infrastructure, and just worked like it should!
We've worked really hard to build a payroll system for medium to large businesses with anything from standard to ultra-complex payroll requirements. Sky Payroll gives you all the features you'd expect from a serious payroll system, with all the benefits of cloud-based software.

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Class Leading Capabilities

Sky Payroll improves your productivity, reduces your costs and speeds your growth, all without the need to install new hardware or software. Whether you're a growing business ready to move beyond your accounting software or a larger company in need of superior reporting and scalability, Sky Payroll is the answer.

Open, flexible, cloud based

Sky Payroll easily integrates with your existing IT environment, using secure Microsoft Azure public or private cloud technology — keeping all your company data safe, centralised and protected from disruptions such as hardware issues or employee turnover.

Say goodbye to hardware upgrades and downtime

Why invest in expensive and cumbersome systems when simple, efficient tools are all you really need? You pay as you grow and there’s no hardware to purchase or software to update.

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Developed By Payroll Experts

We had a different idea of what cloud-based payroll systems should look like. Users told us that existing products weren’t intuitive enough, had too many limitations, and were based on old legacy systems that chewed up more money than an old house. Sky Payroll is everything a payroll system was meant to be.

Enable your employees with self-service tools

We help you empower your employees with better tools and services that can be managed in a secure environment. With Sky Payroll your employees can safely access the right services and information, from any location, using any device, saving you time and money.

Advanced insights and reporting

View and share interactive reports in real time, all done in a single click. No more waiting for the end of the pay period, or end of year. Get everything you need, when you need it most.

Is Your Payroll System Holding You Back?

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Sky Payroll goes beyond traditional payroll software systems by bringing together rich functionality without the bloat of legacy systems.  Combined with the power of the cloud, you are free to work anywhere, anytime, across your devices. No matter how you access and use your payroll system, you receive the same experience and enterprise-grade security that you'd expect from even the most expensive payroll systems out there. Why would you want anything else?

Beautiful, Intuitive Design

It's simple, straightforward design combined with process driven interactions propel users along a single path towards their final goal. It’s more focused than some and more elegant than most.

Relentlessly Powerful

Say goodbye to all the usual grunt work and meaningless admin forever. You'll discover feature after feature that allows you to crank through your payroll processes faster and more effectively than ever before.

Built For Collaboration, Not Silos

Employees can enter their own details, enter in their own hours and access historical and current payslips. They can also apply for holidays through the system, all without cumbersome paperwork and admin processes.

Stable and Secure

Security and privacy is not a side issue, it's embedded into every layer of our software. Sky Payroll is built on the Microsoft Azure platform, which uses multiple world-leading safeguards to protect customer data.

Pricing & Plans

We only charge you for payslips produced. So if an employee is not paid, you will not get charged.


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